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Committed to the International Market,
Serving the Global Community

Runhe constantly explores new markets, striving for growth and strength while building brands and establishing a positive image. Our products are widely used in various industries, including textiles, printing, dyeing, and new materials.
We have successfully entered the international market, with our products being well-received in countries such as the United States, Russia, India, Pakistan, and others, earning us a high reputation within the industry.

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Business Distribution

For any business needs, please feel free to contact the market nearest to you!

Textile Chemicals Business

Organic Silicon New Materials Business

Organic Silicon Raw Materials Business

Comprehensive Business Department of the Group Company

Shandong Market

Contacts: Engineer Hu

Tel: 18364966083

Jiangsu Market

Contacts: Engineer Zhou

Tel: 18067182016

Guangdong Market

Contacts: Engineer Zhou

Tel: 18094505660

Zhejiang Market

Contacts: Engineer Liu / Engineer Fu

Tel: 18057470158(Liu)

Tel: 18067509320(Fu)

International Textile Chemicals Market

Contacts: Pingping (Manager Xing)

Tel: 18768125304